The Self-Determination Assessment


The Self-Determination Assessment Internet measures cognitive, affective, and behavioral factors related to self-determination. These factors are assessed from the perspectives of the student, advisor, and parent. The battery includes three instruments: the Self-Determination Student Scale (SDSS), the Self-Determination Parent Perception Scale and the Self-Determination Advisor Perception Scale. Two options are provided for the Self-Determination Student Scale: the original instrument that asks students to respond to each item with “that’s me” or “that’s not me” or an updated short form where students respond on a five point scale (1=that’s not me; 5=That’s me) to 43 items. The original instrument was normed on students in K-12 settings who ranged in age from 14 to 22. The short form was normed on students in college settings. The original instrument is geared toward younger students and for those for whom it may be more appropriate to provide a simple “that’s me” or “that’s not me” response. The newer, short form (SDSS-SF) encourages students to make more refined judgements in their responses. Both versions of the SDSS provide students with scores for each of the five components of the Self-Determination Action Model, i.e., Know Yourself and Your Context, Value Yourself, Plan, Act, and Experience Outcomes and Learn as well as a score for the entire instrument. Component scores can be used to help students learn about their strengths and areas for improvement related to self-determination. The instruments can be used individually, or in combination, to provide information to students, and those who support them (e.g., teachers, advisors, counselors, parents), about students’ knowledge, skills, and beliefs related to self-determination. The instruments can also be used on a repeated basis to measure students’ growth in self-determination over time.


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