Steps to Self-Determination

Steps to Self Determination is a curriculum designed to help middle and high school students learn to define and achieve goals that are important to them. The curriculum addresses five key elements of self-determination.

  • Know Yourself and Your Environment
  • Value Yourself
  • Plan
  • Act
  • Experience Outcomes and Learn

Major skill and knowledge areas addressed in the curriculum include identifying strengths, weaknesses, needs, and preferences; decision-making skills; building positive relationships; understanding rights and responsibilities; goal setting; anticipating consequences; creativity; communication skills; accessing resources and support; negotiating; and experiencing and learning from outcomes.

Actively setting and working toward goals is emphasized in the curriculum and is central to the activities students complete between class sessions. The curriculum is designed to be used with students with and without disabilities in a variety of scheduling arrangements. The 21-session curriculum can be used as part of an existing course, as an extracurricular activity, as a specially arranged group or as a one-to-one coaching tool. Teachers are encouraged to participate in the curriculum as co-learners with the students. Parents or other significant support persons in the students’ lives also are encouraged to be involved in the curriculum with the students at key points.

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