In honor of the 2016 Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT) in Myrtle Beach, SC we are making a draft version of our Early Steps to Self-Determination curriculum available for preview for a limited time. We hope you are all enjoying the beach, the sunsets and each other. We also hope you enjoy trying out the curriculum. We welcome any feedback that you have for us.  Click below to download.


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  1. hello.i am arezoo bodaghi a graduate student in Educational Psychology from shiraz univercity.
    I’m going to use this program to teach normal students and I evaluate impact on the direction of causality,the efficacy and Happiness.What is your opinion on the subject of my research?

    • Hello Arezoo So happy you are interested in using the Steps curriculum. It was designed to be used with students with and without disabilities, so it should be appropriate for your study. I think the outcomes you are examining are interesting. Best wishes for your study and please keep us posted! Sharon

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