Sharon will be presenting at the Texas Transition Conference in San Antonio on Feb. 20 and 21, 2019. A running theme through the conference will be promoting self-determination throughout the educational process, from preK – postsecondary.  On February 20, Sharon will keynote the Pre-conference with “A Holistic Approach to Infusing Self-Determination in the PreK-Postsecondary Curriculum”.

2BSD now has coordinated resources based on the Action Model for Self-Determination to support students in acquiring knowledge and skills to be more self-determined at each level of the educational continuum: pre-K, elementary, middle and high school, and postsecondary. Participants will learn how to use these resources to create a continuum of support in their settings. On February 21, Sharon, along with June Gothberg and Sondra Stegenga, will keynote the main conference with Creating Successful Transitions Across the Lifespan. They will address the use of evidence-based practices, including self-determination, in  preK-postsecondary education. Their keynote will be followed by a breakout session focused on practical tools and strategies to implement evidence-based practices across all grade levels.

Come join us!

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