I received a note from Jamie Brown in Lincoln, NE this week informing me about some resources she and a dentist have created to help their patients with ADHD receive better dental care. Jamie’s sister had been struggling with dental care issues with her son for years. She did not understand why he was so stressed when he had to brush his teeth or go to his dental appointments until he was diagnosed with ADHD. They were clearly encountering barriers in the Self-Determination Action Model component of Value Yourself; take care of yourself. Rather than having their self-determination thwarted, they took action.

Jamie, who works for Dentably, a dental practice that specializes in care for underserved patients, and Dr. Greg, one of the dentists in the practice did some research on ADHD and dental care and found that many children who have ADHD are not getting the dental care they should. They developed a dental guide for parents and caregivers of children and teens with ADHD in order to help them understand what their child is going through with regards to dental issues and how to help. The guide also has tips for dentists as to how they can better serve the needs of their patients with ADHD.

Their guide is available at the following link: https://www.emergencydentistsusa.com/adhd-and-dental-care/.

Jamie is happy to report that now her nephew has one of the best smiles in town; his mom does too! Note: Dentably also has guides on meeting the dental needs of several underrepresented groups, including those with Down’s Syndrome, and Autism.

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