Pace 01Pace University’s Student Accessibility Services (SAS) recently held a “Sundae Funday” to introduce their undergraduate and graduate students to self-determination opportunities that will be available to them on campus during the coming year. 2BSD was pleased to be a sponsor of the event. Pace is providing students with the opportunity to participate in two self-determination related programs: The Climb to Success and C.A.F.E: Connecting Authentically & Finding Empathy. Climb to Success is an eight week program for students seeking to develop or learn new methods of organization, time management, and sustaining initiative while balancing their many academic commitments.

Pace 2Each week focuses on exploring and developing a different area of executive functioning to support students’ personal goals. C.A.F.E. is an eight-week program that supports students’ efforts toward increasing their interpersonal effectiveness and the development of self-advocacy skills. C.A.F.E. focuses on communication skills such as active listening, assertiveness, and non-verbal communication, and helps students apply those skills to maintaining relationships, exploring empathy, and balancing internal priorities with external demands. They had a great turn-out for the launch and we’re looking forward to hearing about their progress during the semester. Stay tuned to learn more!

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